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The Internet may be sprinkled with blogs of all kinds, but ours takes pride in being accurate, informative and always written by actual garage door experts who are genuinely willing to help people out. Come visit our blog as often as you can and learn the most interesting things about our industry!

Liftmaster and the Best Garage Door Openers

We are garage door specialists with a focus on Liftmaster openers.

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Signs of Garage Door Failure

However, if everything looks clear and it is still not closing, the problem may be with the photo sensors or the cables and rails.

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Dealing with Noisy Garage Doors

Machines can get really annoying when they are noisy but when it comes to garage doors, there is certainly more to it than simple irritation.

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4 Steps in Garage Door Repair

The door to your garage is composed of two main parts. These are the garage door opener and the main door itself.

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Garage door cleaning materials

Garage doors accumulate dirt, dust, grime and other foreign debris from everyday use. And even if they are not used, they still get dirty, what with the outside elements that cannot be avoided.

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