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Below you will find the most reliable answers to questions related to garage doors and maintenance services.

Why did the pace of my garage door slow down?

Garage door springs wear down over time and lose their flexibility and this might affect the movement of the door. Slow pace could be an indication that the extension garage door springs would need replacement but the door's movement can also change due to loose cables. These garage door parts ought to be firm in order to control the movement of the door, when they are getting loose, the pace will change.

What are the garage door prices?

Many factors would affect garage door prices including the size of the door, its insulation, the material and the manufacturer. Garage Door Repair Mountain View insists that insulated door panels might be more expensive but they are worth it since they will help you save money later. Metal doors are less expensive and, of course, aluminum ones are the cheapest because their material is soft while wood and glass garage doors are the most expensive ones.

Why should I change the opener when replacing the door?

Replacing the current garage door opener is not always necessary when you are replacing the garage door unless the door is much heavier or the opener too old. In these cases, our garage door service provider in Mountain View will recommend replacement. The opener must be powerful enough to control the door.

What are the likely issues with wooden garage doors?

One must remember that wood tends to expand and contract depending on the level of moisture it is exposed to. Therefore, our professionals in Mountain View do not recommend it for garage doors that are located in extreme weather. Instead, steel might be a better option as water causes rotting and wood lice.

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