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We have the competence to offer excellent garage door services and are basically experts of residential systems. Our company is well-equipped and has a marvelous staff, well-trained technicians, the ability to order new products and the technical knowledge to offer professional services. We program remote controls, repair garage door parts, replace damaged panels and service openers. We offer fast garage door sensors replacement and take care of any problem related to automatic operators at once. When urgent problems keep you from using the overhead door or make its operation dangerous, you can trust our company for immediate emergency services. Customers can also rely on us for garage door replacement and installation and can always be sure of our proficiency.Garage Door Openers in California


We can set up a garage door from scratch, repair an existing one or replace parts, and also install a new automated system or enhance the security. Our clients enjoy fully functional doors for a much longer time; besides, these are equipped with modern, convenient features. It is highly convenient to not have to step out of your car to open or close the entry to your garage. Today you can do this by simply pushing a button and driving in. All goes fine until one day the opener no longer works.


Hiring a garage door opener company in such situation doesn't involve much effort or expenditure, because door opener maintenance is simple and so are the repairs.


Our company supplies on the following opener brands: Liftmaster, Genie, Craftsman, Chamberlain, Marantec and Sears, and is also specialized in repairing each of these. Equally, our professionals are trained for each of the opener types: chain drive, screw drive, belt drive. If your door opener hasn't been the best choice for your garage, we will discuss with you each of these types with their advantages and drawbacks.


The garage door opener is a motorized appliance that works one electricity and moves the garage door when you push the button placed either on a wall panel or on a remote control. When you carry the remote unit with you, things are extremely simple. This one works on infrared or on radio signals, which are sent to the control unit. The response is the activation of the electric motor connected to a pulley system. A light can also be activated for a short interval.


24-hour garage door experts who specialize in installation, repair and service

Various issues my arise, and owners may not be able to operate the door at all, or manage to open it but not to close it back. Or, the door might not be able to close down all the way. After our technicians perform the troubleshooting, they can replace batteries, fix the controls or the motor, or align the parts and lubricated them. Such work requires a specialist trained for garage doors. The difficulty level and risks are too high for the regular owner.


Misaligned tracks or uneven spring tension are also counted among the causes of garage door opener malfunction. Garage Door Openers Mountain View is capable to fix any of the parts and replace torsion coil or extension springs, adjust the tracks, tighten loose hardware and so on. If your door is older than 10 years, it is advised to consider upgrading it, especially on the side of security features.

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