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Garage Door Springs

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If you live in the city of Mountain View in Silicon Valley you know that it is important to keep up with home maintenance. Whether you own your own home, or own rental property in the area, keeping on top of home and garage maintenance is an important responsibility. Most people do not think about garage door maintenance or repair, but when something goes wrong you want an experienced local company to get things working again. Garage door springs are a small part of your garage door, but they are essential to its operation. Keeping your overhead garage door springs in good condition can help to maintain the life of your garage door.Garage Door Springs in Califirnia


The different types of garage door springs available that an experienced garage door technician can help you with are:

    Torsion coil trampoline springs — these wound springs distribute tension evenly across the whole garage door.
    Extension garage door springs — this type of spring is custom fitted to the size of your garage door.
    Oil Tempered garage door springs — this is the standard type of garage door spring, but it has a shorter lifespan than the galvanized kind.
    Galvanized garage door torsion springs — these are the strongest type of garage door spring and they can keep your garage door working properly for longer.


We provide efficient services because we know how to take care of garage doors. Whether there is need for maintenance or emergency garage door repair, our customers can be sure of our capabilities but also our devotion. We rush to help everyone with a garage door off track or broken cables. When the door doesn't close all the way or the sensors are misaligned, we promise to fix the problem immediately. We offer same day troubleshooting and thanks to our expertise the damaged part is repaired at once. We replace both parts and doors but also openers and panels of sectional doors. We deal with spring issues fast, maintain the opener and replace the motor. Clients can count on our company for the installation of a new garage door, the replacement of the remote and all opener services.


Experienced repair servicemen for all types of garage doors

If you are faced with a garage door broken spring, or you need extension springs repair or garage door torsion springs replacement, contact the local company that serves the whole of Mountain View. Our experienced technicians give you the quality of work and the peace of mind that you would expect from a local licensed and bonded company. Keep Mountain View beautiful by keeping your home, including your garage, properly maintained—your neighbors will thank you for it. Call us today for information about garage door repair and replacement services.

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