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Signs of Garage Door Failure

06/16/2015 Back To Blog

Garage doors are considered one of the most important and functional part of your home. If you watch out for signs when your garage door is not working properly, you will be spared from the expense as well as the hassle of having to deal with an unexpected as well as dangerous door failure. Your door will show signs that something is definitely wrong and requires attention. If you know these indicators, you can correct the issue before it gets worse.Signs of Garage Door Failure

Does your door needs to be repaired?

One of the signs that point out something wrong with your door is when itdoes not close all the way. If this is the case, you have to make sure that the door path is free from obstructions. However, if everything looks clear and it is still not closing, the problem may be with the photo sensors or the cables and rails. Clean the photo sensors and make sure that there is nothing obstructing the line of sight of the sensors.

If your door is making unusual and persistent noises when operating, this means there is a problem involving loose hardware or there is a need for lubrication. You should examine all screws and bolts on your garage door. You can tighten them and lubricate all moving parts of your door. However, if your door moves slowly or is hard to open, the problem may be with your springs. You can check this by testing the door balance. If your door fails this test, you need to get the springs replaced.

If the garage door sections are sagging, this indicates the need for door repair. You can check this by doing the door balance test. If your door fails, you need to get your door springs replaced. If it is off the tracks, this can mean that the garage door is damaged or not working fine. You should get this repaired right away. Increasing energy bills also indicate that something is wrong with your door. In such cases you may have to replace your old door with a newer model that is more energy efficient.

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