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Dealing with Noisy Garage Doors

01/13/2014 Back To Blog

Machines can get really annoying when they are noisy but when it comes to garage doors, there is certainly more to it than simple irritation. The truth is that due to its big size and complex mechanism the system cannot be absolutely silent, especially after some years of daily operation. It is also reassuring to know that most of the times, the noise is just the signal of mechanical components asking for lubrication maintenance but, in some cases, it might be the warning of more serious problems. Therefore, you must never take squeaky noises lightheartedly; on the contrary, you must give full attention in order to discover which part is loud and what's the problem.Dealing with Noisy Garage Doors

Observing the garage door components

If you consider that the noise might be caused by loose parts, you can understand the seriousness of the issue. Loose garage door parts may cause significant damages to the system and compromise to a great extent your own security or safety. Take, for example, hinges and brackets that are supposed to hold other parts in place. If they get loose due to rust or because they are missing some screws, the tracks will get loose and the door won't close or open properly. Tightening up the screws, bolts and nuts is not hard but you must also check the hardware for signs of rust and, in this case, you ought to replace them.

Mechanical parts are made of steel and most of them do not have pads, which would make them quieter. At the same time, they would react according to the local temperatures and you cannot avoid friction altogether unless you lubricate them periodically. Even then some will wear down over the years and need replacement. Garage door rollers, for instance, will wear due to daily use, especially if they have unsealed bearings. It's always best to get nylon instead of steel ones because they are not noisy. You must also focus on the good lubrication and adjustment of the opener chain and the garage door springs. You need to remember that moving parts won't be noisy if you lubricate them semiannually but you must choose high quality lubricants, which will penetrate them better.

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